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DIY Ironing Board Peg Board

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

My weekend DIY project...I took an old iron board and turned it into a thread holder/peg board

Items needed: ironing board, Golf tees, spray paint, adhesive glue or hot glue gun/sticks.

I already had the ironing board, golf tees so I went and board paint. I first cleaned the boards, then spray painted them, let the dry. The next day, I used chairs (thanks to my brilliant hubby) laying the board upside down on them and glued the tees in (pusing/dropping the point through the hole). I then spray painted the back of the board, let dry and now need to hang on the wall.

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I was a t wits end on what woud be big enough to hold all my thread. This is great. Also a great reason to get a new ironing board. Thanks so much. I got you from my BB on FB. Estelle Carter aka Rose Jones

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