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Pink Marble

Haggard Hen


One hen, haggardly producing designs.


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Pink Grain Wall

Meet the Hen

Hello, my name is Lindsay and I’m the creative director behind Haggard Hen Designs.

 I have been in the crafting world for almost 10 years now. My dad, who got all this started, has been doing vinyl signs and decals WAY before it was actually cool. He wanted to start a sign business full-time, so we started My Signs and More in 2009, which also grew into embroidery.

Life happened, and I went back to work full-time. 

After several years of providing physical products, monograms, decals, embroidery orders, etching, and I have decided

that I want to help others create.


So feel free to look around the shop and message me with any questions, and check out our other shops at Design Bundles and Etsy.

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